European Tour With Talbot and Jabba 27 March 2018

Our European tour with Talbot and Jabba starts this Friday. See you on the road!

30.03 CZ Pilsen - Družba*
31.03 DE Berlin - Cortina Bob*
01.04 DE Coesfeld - Pampa*
02.04 SE Lund - Hemgården*
03.04 SE Gothenburg - Sekten*
04.04 SE Stockholm - Cyklopen
05.04 SE Lindesberg - Hillstreet
06.04 DK Copenhagen - KB18
07.04 NL Groningen - Orkz Bar
08.04 DE Hamburg - MS Stubnitz
09.04 NL Hengelo - Innocent
10.04 DE Cologne - Halle am Rhein
11.04 FR Paris - Escape B
12.04 FR Besançon - Les Passageres du Zinc
13.04 IT Bologna - XM24
14.04 FR Mions - Temple of Runk
15.04 DE Bonn - Namenlos
16.04 CZ Liberec - Azyl Pivní
17.04 CZ Prague - Eternia
18.04 CZ Brno - Bajkazyl
19.04 PL Wroclaw - Deaf Snowman Festival
20.04 PL Warsaw - Chmury 21.04
LT Vilnius - XI20

* - Barren Womb, Jabba only

Friends Of The Womb 27 February 2018

We are truly fortunate to meet and discover so many amazing artists through our travels. Collected in this Spotify playlist are some of them. We'll add more friends to the list as time goes on, so feel free to follow!

Featuring: JABBA, HYMN, GRIZZLOR, Reptile Master, Heave Blood & Die, DØDEN, NORD MOT NORD, Lucky Malice, Forræderi, remote, BC, Gjenferd, The Daily Hum, Blót, ATTAN, Morbid Evils

Crook Look Video 15 February 2018

Check out the music video for "Crook Look", directed by the incredibly talented Stian Hunstad. New album "Old Money / New Lows" out tomorrow!

Mystery Meat 1 February 2018

"One minute 'Mystery Meat' is tossing about blasts and noisy, jangly chords, and the next they've settled into a groove and a catchy chorus. It's a trip, but it's also extremely well done and worth it."

Chow down on the delicious premiere of "Mystery Meat", served to you by Metal Injection and VISIONS Magazin. New album out February 16th through Spartan Records (US) / Loyal Blood Records (EU).

US pre-order:
EU pre-order: