Barren Womb

In a world where every idea has to grow to a multibillion dollar industry, where people can’t seem to get rich and famous fast enough, we are an anomaly. All we’ve ever wanted to do is create art that has weight and meaning, to leave our legacy upon this earth, however humble it may be.

Formed late 2011, Barren Womb are a Noise Rock duo hailing from Trondheim, Norway. We strongly believe in d.i.y. ethics and the honesty of underground music, putting freedom of expression at the helm of our cause. Although we operate within the framework of Noise Rock, we do not limit ourselves to the confines of the genre. Instead, we make music that moves us and perhaps is a bit left of center. Purism has never tickled our fancy anyway.

We record and put out music when we feel like it, and tour when it fits in to our lives. It really is as simple as that.

Barren Womb are Timo Silvola & Tony Gonzahl