Old Money / New Reviews 23 April 2018

"Old Money / New Lows" has garnered quite a bit of critical praise so far. Here's some of what's been said:

"The Trondheim noise rock duo sure as hell know how to hold your interest, mixing irreverence with earnesty and violating Yngwie’s law with a shit-eating grin"
3.5/5 - Angry Metal Guy

"With a back catalogue of quality material behind them, Barren Womb have clearly been building to this, and Old Money/New Lows is a triumph. Wicked"
- Down The Front Media

"En av Norges rareste og fineste duoer"
5/6 - Feedback

"Barren Womb er groovy, bluesy og har full kontroll fra start til slutt"
7/10 - Musikknyheter

"Duoen leverer ingen mellomting, men mer enn dobbelt opp, minst 100% fandenivoldsk og 100% gi faen"
- Musikkopplevelsen

"Un grupo sin tapujos ni temores, con una firme convicción: hacer ruido"
8/10 - Necromance

"Das Endergebnis ist jedenfalls eines: kunstvolles Chaos"
- Neølyd

"Exzellentes album!"
9/10 - OX Fanzine

"Uten tvil ett album som kommer til å være på «best of» lister på slutten av året"
9/10 - Råkkfolk

"They enjoy bending the rules and do so with a lot of swag. Somehow I feel this is perfect music for good weather"
8/10 - Scene Point Blank

"A cancer that you will welcome into your body, and will happily feed with regular listening’s of this record"
- Soundwave Brigade